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Unrefined Health

As a health coach, Kris teaches busy professionals how to refuel their lives naturally. Through, Kris integrates the demands of career and family life with healthy eating, lifestyle, and meditative strategies that restore and revitalize her clients’ natural energy.


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Kris Magnusson
Human Energy Coaching

Kris is passionate about the health and vitality of independent energy companies and those who run them. A veteran specialist in refined oil products and energy risk management, today Kris coaches both retail heating oil and propane businesses and busy energy professionals in how to craft sustainable energy solutions for their professional and personal well-being.

Kris is also the creator of, a health coaching service designed to help busy professionals minimize the negative stressors of today’s work environments. Having spent 25 years in demanding corporate offices, Kris knows all too well how work and stress can lead to poor food and lifestyle choices that deplete energy stores. Through her coaching and expertise, Kris teaches clients how to integrate the demands of the job with healthy eating and lifestyle strategies that restore and replenish natural energy. She specializes in maximizing her clients’ energy, health, and well-being naturally through unrefined and unprocessed foods and meditative practices.

Kris is the founder of Firecat Consulting, LLC and IDEAL Energy Cooperative.

Ideal Energy Cooperative, a member-owned purchasing cooperative of local energy distributors that exists to provide reliable and secure local heating and transportation fuel delivery & service through a qualitative, independent network. Its mission is to sustain, promote, and expand independent retail energy businesses by:

  1. Aggregating Members’ purchasing for fuel, equipment, and essential business services with our Supplier and Vendor Partners.

  2. Elevating Members’ operational excellence through Member-driven best practices, education, and training.

  3. Building a national consumer energy brand, identity and voice: Fuel-Local that can be used to support a Member’s local brand.




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